Marsh Canada - Silver Wings Plan


Marsh Canada Aviation Insurance Program

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Aircraft classified as "Balloon", "Airship","Hang Glider", "Paraglider", "Hovercraft", "Unmanned Air Vehicle" or "Very Light Jet (VLJ’s), Turbine Aircraft are not eligible for coverage under the Marsh Aviation Program. Commercially registered aircraft are also not eligible unless rented or borrowed for Private Business and Pleasure use only.
  • The Applicant hereby agrees to the use of an online process for making an Application for insurance as described.
  • The Applicant hereby agrees to the electronic delivery or presentation for download of the Policy and related documentation (including the application for insurance) for the insurance transaction. In the alternative, should electronic delivery or download of such documentation not be practical or possible for the Applicant, the Applicant may request, in writing to Marsh Canada (at the coordinates provided on this site) for delivery of the documents by regular mail.
  • You must agree to our use of your personal information in accordance with Marsh's Privacy Policy.
  • Underwriter Approval of your application may be required.
  • You must be a Canadian resident.

Please note that we only accept payment by VISA or Master Card. After completing your application you will be presented with a quotation if further underwriting review is not required. If you decide to accept the quotation and you bind the coverage, you are required to make payment in full. Once payment is successful you will be directed to the Self Service Centre where you will receive your policy documentation.

At Marsh, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and are committed to ensuring our customers are treated fairly. Visit our website at to learn more about how we comply with our industry's codes of conduct.

For any technical difficulties encountered during the use of this
website please contact the Help Desk - or call +1-855-684-1505

For more information about the MarshWings Aviation Program, click here to download a copy of the "MarshWings" brochure, or contact the service team at +1 800 361 1625.

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